• Swimming pool security and camera systems June 05th, 2016: We’re often asked about how to secure amenities. Setting aside for the moment various complex systems of door interlocks, bathrooms shared with the amenity center and complex electronic access control systems, what are the common sense approaches to securing a swimming pool and minimizing or mitigating vandalism? While some say good fences make good neighbors, they ... Read more here!
  • Woohoo! It’s pool time! May 22nd, 2016: The birds are chirping and spring is springing. Daylight savings time is one of the reminders it is time to get out and enjoy the weather. Your Community Board has been hard at work considering projects and bringing about improvements in your neighborhood.  If you notice an area at your pool that needs maintenance or repairs, please let ... Read more here!
  • Rules, Rules, Rules!  Who cares about my trashcan, anyway? April 24th, 2016: Are your Board and managers “Partners in Power and Profit” and love to apply ridiculous violation fines?  No, no, no…!  It is a regrettably-common misconception that the manager has the authority and somehow takes benefit from handling rules matters and sending letters. Nothing could be further from the truth. Let’s walk through this: HOA ≠ CMG Your HOA hires CMG, among ... Read more here!
  • Homeowners association accounting. How it’s done! April 10th, 2016: Homeowners Association, generally speaking is a nonprofit organization, created a little under the laws of the state. The HOA has an obligation to the membership to maintain accounting that is accessible and understandable by a non-accounting person but also handled in accordance with title case generally accepted accounting principles and title case (GAAP). Opinions vary on the ... Read more here!
  • Homeowner Advocacy Program March 27th, 2016: Are you having a problem with your Association? Whether or not you are living in a professionally-managed Association or a volunteer-managed community, your Board has responsibilities to you and your neighbors. It isn’t always easy for the Board and manager, and not every situation will make every owner happy.  There are trade-offs of rights and ... Read more here!
  • HOA Fees: Pesky Expenses or Value Add? March 13th, 2016: Every penny matters, right? It’s easy to get frustrated with paying HOA Assessments, especially if you are unclear on what purpose they serve. Whether you have been living in an HOA for a while now, or are considering it, knowing where your fees go can make your experience better! So, right to the nagging question, “where ... Read more here!
  • Ever wondered why you have a Homeowners Association? February 28th, 2016: Your Association may be your best tool to protect the value of your home and the quality of your neighborhood. Community Associations do any number of different things, such as setting and collecting the maintenance fees required and needed to run an Association, maintaining landscaping or recreation centers, and providing for events or meeting places ... Read more here!
  • How Safe is my Association’s Money? February 14th, 2016: Homeowners association accounting and management company banking and accounting need to be COMPLETELY independent from each other. “Commingling” is a practice of some management companies and small operators where at some point, homeowner assessments or other association funds were maintained in the management company bank account. Fraud prevention is important. Experts agree that the only proper procedure ... Read more here!
  • Why do so many homeowners buy their home in a community Association?  January 31st, 2016: Purchasers make a decision to buy into a lifestyle and surroundings which include many things outside the home itself, encompassing everything from the subdivision entries, the recreation/amenity center, to the general condition of all the other homes in the neighborhood. They purchased with an expectation that their property and those in their community would be ... Read more here!
  • Association Reserves January 17th, 2016: Reserves is a Hot Topic with mortgage lenders and that makes it important to all Associations. Homeowners Associations have to carefully consider not only their short-term expenses, but their long-term expenses as well. What will be considerable cost items for capital improvements and repairs that will exceed the scope of and associations typically – one – ... Read more here!
  • H-O-A = Y-O-U! January 03rd, 2016: Enforcement of rules and regulations is quite possibly the most contentious, unpleasant and divisive component of living in a homeowners Association. The “why” is simple enough: We have all driven through a neighborhood, perhaps the one we grew up in and said, “WOW, it sure looks different.” When you bought into a community with an HOA ... Read more here!
  • Where do my HOA dues go? I pay CMG, right? January 01st, 2016: So you write your check  and you think, “I pay them a bunch of money. Where does it all go?” First and foremost, since you took the opportunity to read this post we’ll tell you this straightaway: it does not go to Community Management Group. All of these funds are accounted for separately in the association’s own bank accounts and ... Read more here!
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