Peninsula Community Reminders

Hello Peninsula residents,


We hope everyone is staying warm in this cold weather Charleston is experiencing. Below, please find some Community reminders for The Peninsula HOA.


Neighborhood Pets:


           We all wish our pets could clean up after themselves, but the fact of the matter is they can’t. As a friendly reminder and out of courtesy to your fellow neighbors, we ask that all residents who own a pet to please clean up after them. Aside from the unpleasant smell, pet waste brings health concerns and reduces the aesthetic appearance of the  Community.


            There are doggie stations located conveniently in the Community and it is very important for owners to use them. “Pet waste carries bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Dangerous microbes like Salmonella, Parvovirus, and Coronavirus thrive on feces and when washed into our bodies, can post risk to human health and threaten wildlife.” ( Failure to clean up after your pet could result in a fine being assessed to the owner’s account. Please keep the neighborhood a beautiful place to live and clean up after your pet!




            Please remember, there is no parking on streets or common area during the day or overnight in The Peninsula. When cars are lined on each side of the street, it makes it difficult for vehicles to get through. This is especially important for emergency vehicles, as they need to be able to access the neighborhood at all times, if needed. Parking on the street at any time is a violation of the Governing Documents and can result in fine being placed on your Association account.




                As many of you know and have been made aware previously, the issue with the goose population at the pond on Ole Oak Dr. is continuing. The problem is not only unsightly but very unsanitary as well.


            We are continuing to make attempts to correct this issue but we need help from the residents as well. We would like to ask all residents, “Please Do Not Feed the Geese.” If you see residents feeding geese, please notify Community Management Group immediately by contacting us at 843-795-8484 or


Thank you,


Community Management Group




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