Moles and your yard- information from the Staff Horticulturist

Moles are out and about!

What does this mean for your community?

Image result for moles in yardThe following is an excerpt from our in-house horticulturalist, Mike Ferrazzano:

Moles are and have been an ongoing problem in landscape.

When temperatures drop in the fall, moles are out in full force to find as much food as possible. Now that temperatures have warmed up as in the past 10 days, they are again out in full force looking to track down some food.

We have noticed their activity in most of our communities.  When temperatures drop again, we should not see many, but once spring comes around they will be back.

A recent article mentioned a three step program for owners to take if moles become a problem in their yards.

  1. Kill the moles with traps and or poison baits.
  2. Manage its food source.  No food equals no moles. This is easy if the area is such as a home owner’s yard and garden.  It is difficult with lager spaces, such as common areas, as it is way too expensive to put out insecticides on an ongoing basis to rid all the food source throughout a community. Plus, most home owners do not want chemicals applied as so much would be needed.
  3. Repel other moles from the area.  Once an area is rid of moles there is a repellent that some have had success with – it’s a 100% castor-oil spray applied with hose-dilution. It’s not cheap but what is? Key is to be sure that there are not any moles in the area or you would fence them into said area, if you will.

Your Association hopes that this information is helpful to you!

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