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Pool keys – New home buyers are sent one key/access device by The Bridges of Summerville POA. Resale pool keys and cards must convey at Closing.  If any card is lost or stolen, a replacement is available for $40.00 payable to The Bridges of Summerville. Please follow this link to order a replacement amenity key. Please note that only 1 key is permitted to be activated per household.

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Manager Information and Real-Time Updates:

  • Pinestraw Install May 18th, 2018: The Greenery will be starting to install pine straw around the community tomorrow. Read more about this.
  • May Landscaping Expectations May 09th, 2018: WHAT TO EXPECT IN MAY WITH LANDSCAPING Now that May is here and the weather is finally warming for us, there are some items that should be completed in the first weeks of May. • Spring straw on a lot of properties should be completed by now. Some communities that do it once a year will probably do ... Read more about this.
  • Playground Closed May 03rd, 2018: Last night at the community meeting we announced that the Creekbend playground would be closed until it can be replaced. This decision was based on a playground inspection report that we received and once we all had the chance to review it we agreed that for the safety of the community and our kids that ... Read more about this.
  • Spring Flowers April 24th, 2018: The spring flowers will be going in hopefully by the end of this week due to temperatures warming up Read more about this.
  • Bridges Open Meeting April 23rd, 2018: Please notate your calendar that there will be an open neighborhood chat on May 2nd, 2018 at 6:30PM at the pool. This is a meeting to openly discuss any issues with the Board and get updates from the Board. There is no agenda, proxy, or quorum requirement. This is simply an open meeting to have ... Read more about this.
  • Swing Replacement April 23rd, 2018: A new swing is on order for the pool side playground. One of the current ones is cracked and pinching the little ones. This will be replaced shortly, Read more about this.
  • Pond Update April 23rd, 2018: I have received information from the pond contractor in regards to the material being used and any confusion out there as to what is being used. Per the vendor this fabric being used will allow natural erosion which the HOA still wants to see happen over a 6-7 year period. This style/type fabric has been ... Read more about this.
  • Bridges of Summerville – What’s Happening April 20th, 2018: Community Garage Sale Our community wide garage sale is Saturday, April 21st Time: 7am – until done. There is no formal list of participants, just put out your goods. Personal signs to your sale in the neighborhood would be nice. Signs have been placed at the entrances but not internally and must be taken down ... Read more about this.
  • No Overnight Street Parking April 18th, 2018: Reminder there is to be no overnight street parking or parking on any grass areas. This is a direct covenant violation and subject to enforcement. Read more about this.
  • Pond Repair Work April 17th, 2018: Erosion Repair has been halted for the day in an effort to let the banks dry out. The will resume work tomorrow. Read more about this.
  • Pond Bank Repairs April 13th, 2018: It was the intention of the management company to alert you to the pond work prior to the beginning unfortuanely correspondence between the pond vendor and the myself was not attainable in time to alert you the beginning of work today. Below is the work that will be performed at Orchard Park and Creekbend. Your ... Read more about this.
  • Bridges Updated Pool Rules April 12th, 2018: With the pool season right around the corner and many new people in the community, it’s important that the pool is treated with respect by all members of the community to keep it a safe and enjoyable place for everyone. Please read over these with your children, especially those that are 10-15 years old. IMPORTANT POINTS: 1. ... Read more about this.
  • Pool Deck Pressure Washing April 10th, 2018: The pool deck and fence will be pressure washed tomorrow. Read more about this.
  • Covenant Reminder April 10th, 2018: The HOA does not allow any business to be run out of the homes. This is in direct violation of the covenants of the HOA. Read more about this.
  • Pond Information April 06th, 2018: BEFORE YOU GET STARTED, EVERY RESIDENT MUST KNOW… Stormwater ponds are extremely important components of your community’s drainage system. They are designed to provide two critical services: -prevent flooding by suppressing surges of stormwater runoff that wash from lawns, buildings, and paved surfaces -protect water quality by holding water long enough for natural processes to remove sediment and ... Read more about this.

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Please note that some documents were downloaded from the County and were current as of the date they were downloaded.  They have been scanned via Optical Character Recognition.  They are not certified as complete, and they and ARE NOT THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS.  Please consult your closing attorney or the County directly for the most current, accurate complete and legal information.

Bridges Frequently Asked Questions
o Question: Who should I contact when I see something suspicious, cars speeding through the neighborhood, cars running stop signs, people using the amenity center, playground, or common areas that do not live in The Bridges of Summerville? Answer: You should call the Summerville Police Department at (843) 871-2463 or if it is an emergency call 911.

o Question: Who should I contact to report a Covenants & Restrictions violation, ask a questions about the Covenants & Restrictions, or a general question about The Bridges of Summerville? Answer: Contact our Support Team at 843-795-8484 or email at

o Question: Do I need approval to construct a fence, shed, or make exterior changes to my home? Answer: Yes,
all changes to the exterior of the property needs to be submitted to the ARC for review and you must receive written approval prior to commencement. You can contact The Bridges ARC via email at and a complete set of ARC Guidelines are included on this website for additional information.

o Question: Where can I get a copy of the Covenants and Restrictions? Answer: Contact our Support Team at 843-795-8484 or email at The Covenants and Restrictions are also posted at as well as the website along with the bylaws.

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