Bridges Updated Pool Rules

 In BRIDGES OF SUMMERVILLE, Gardens at the Bridges of Summerville

With the pool season right around the corner and many new people in the community, it’s important that the pool is treated with respect by all members of the community to keep it a safe and enjoyable place for everyone. Please read over these with your children, especially those that are 10-15 years old.


1. Children under 16 are not allowed without an adult. IDs will be used for verification of age and residency as trespassing has become a big issue at the pool. Please come prepared. If your child doesn’t have an ID, you can come up to the pool when an attendant is on duty and fill out a form that they will keep on file. Clarification: 16 year olds can come to the pool with other 16 year olds from the neighborhood but cannot invite guests from outside the neighborhood or under 16 without an adult present.

2. Do not let anyone come in with you you do not intend to take responsibility for. You have the right and the responsibility to say no to anyone who does not have a pool pass.

3. If you see anyone/anything at the pool that is a concern, please call CMG at 843-795-8484 and leave the time and date of your concern so we can check the video cameras for footage, if necessary. You can also call the police if it is appropriate. This is our pool and we have to take care of it. You can also leave a private message on this Facebook page if it isn’t urgent.


A fun-filled summer of enjoyment at the pool is the community’s goal and achieving this goal is the responsibility of each resident. The attached rules are adopted by the Association for your protection and to ensure all members and their guests’ enjoyment of the facility; additional SCDHEC rules are posted at the facility and must be obeyed.

Pool Hours: The pool is open approx. sunrise to sunset daily. SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK. Since there is no lifeguard on duty, the Board, its management company, and the Association assume no responsibility or liability for loss, injury, accident, or death. DIVING IS NOT PERMITTED. The pool may be closed for Community Events. Notice will be posted at least one week before a pool event.

The Pool is provided for the enjoyment of homeowners. Only homeowners, who are current with all assessments, will be issued a pool card/fob. Only one pool key card is authorized per HOA address; activation of additional key card will cause the deactivation of previous key cards. Pool use will be denied until all dues, fees, violations, and assessments have been paid.

Entrance to the pool is through the central key card security gate only. Please do not slam the gate as this could damage the locking mechanism. Swinging and climbing on the gate is prohibited. Pool Closure: Signs will be posted notifying members of any pool closings. These notices MUST be followed at all times.

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult while in the pool or in the surrounding areas. An adult is described as being 18 years of age or older. Non-potty trained children are required to wear a swim diaper. Proper swimwear for children and adults is required in this family recreation area.

Guests are limited to 5 per household unless the homeowner has received a large group approval. Reserved pool parties (6-30 guests) must be approved by CMG and will be limited to 30 people. Children under the age of 18 may not have guests at the pool unless they are accompanied by an adult. Homeowners will be held responsible for the conduct and actions of their guests and children. If you leave the pool area then your guests and children must leave with you.

Telephone use, life preservers, and body hooks: The pool equipment is for emergency and maintenance use and is not to be used as toys. There is no running or roughhousing permitted in the pool or cabana areas. Discipline of children, by parents and/or accompanying adult, is necessary for safety and to prevent damage to the facility and the pool area equipment. Homeowners are responsible for damages or incidents caused by their children or guests.

Bathroom Code: 315

For safety reasons no inner tubes, footballs, basketballs, or soccer balls are permitted. Pool toys, soft or inflatable pool balls, and rafts should be used with consideration of others. Radio/music should not disturb other pool guests or residents in close proximity to the pool complex and should not contain profanity or crude lyrics. If you are asked to turn down your music then it should be considered too loud. If someone complains about the content of your music then it should be considered inappropriate for use at the pool.




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