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Pool keys – New home buyers are sent one key/access device by the Carolina Bay POA. Resale pool keys and cards must convey at Closing.  If any card is lost or stolen, a replacement is available for $25.00 payable to Carolina Bay. Please follow this link to order a replacement amenity key. Please note that only 1 key is permitted to be activated per household.

CB Pool Season 2018

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Amenity Center Reservations:
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Carolina Bay Newsletter Spring 2018


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Manager Information and Real-Time Updates:

  • Did You Know…? February 06th, 2018: Owners, Did you know that the storm water drains throughout the community connects to ponds, rivers, and estuaries? The purpose of the ponds in the community is to help to filter pollutants caused by water runoff, but it is important not to add to the problem! Please help our ponds by keeping grass clippings, litter, and ... Read more about this.
  • More Helpful Winter Weather Tips! January 05th, 2018: Homeowners, Welcome to Snow Day Part Three! Many of us are not used to this weather. It was brought to my attention that a reminder about protecting yourself against falls on sidewalks, etc would be beneficial. Please review these and be careful under our weather warms up. A high percentage of these occur in parking lots.  Obviously, during ... Read more about this.
  • Winter Weather Tips! January 02nd, 2018: Hello owners, The forecast is calling for extreme winter weather in our area. When colder weather approaches, it is very important to take steps to prepare your home. Below are a list of tips which may assist you in preparing for the cold temperatures: Kitchen and bathroom cabinets can keep warm inside air from reaching pipes under sinks ... Read more about this.
  • Golf Cart Reminder! October 09th, 2017: Happy Monday, Homeowners! Carolina Bay has seen quite a lot of growth in golf cart ownership and use. The Association would like to remind the community that SC state laws need to be followed when operating carts in and around the neighborhood as well as on side streets. Golf carts should not be driven in parks ... Read more about this.
  • Pool Season and Social Committee Information September 29th, 2017: Carolina Bay owners, Your Association would like to remind you that pool season is coming to a close! This weekend is the last weekend the pools will be open. The Essex pool is already closed for the season due to the flooding in that area from Irma. The remaining pools will officially close Monday the 2nd. ... Read more about this.
  • Helpful Hints September 21st, 2017: Hello Carolina Bay owners! Thank you for everything you did to make Carolina Bay secure before Irma passed through! Taking proactive measures before the storm helped with the cleanup efforts. The community looks great! Please keep in mind that speed limits need to be considered in all parts of the community. Remember that unless otherwise posted by ... Read more about this.
  • Carolina Bay – Post-Irma September 14th, 2017: Carolina Bay owners,   I hope you all are doing well and made it through the storm safely and without any damage! I wanted to touch base with the Association regarding storm cleanup.   Pool The Cypress and Rice Field pools are due to be opened tomorrow at noon. The vendor has been working hard to get the chemical levels ... Read more about this.
  • Hurricane Irma – Carolina Bay September 07th, 2017: Good afternoon owners, With the anticipation of Irma possibly visiting the Lowcountry, the Association wanted to notify the community that preparations are in affect for the common areas. The process for closing the pools and putting the pool furniture away has already been started. Please do not expect the pool facilities to be open over the ... Read more about this.
  • Summertime Creepy Critters July 18th, 2017: courtesy of News 2 : Alligators South Carolina Aquarium Herpetologist Josh Zalabak says, “Alligators are extremely important to their environment. They are an apex predator, so if you removed them from our ecosystem, it would throw the entire food chain out of whack.” Their prime food sources include raccoons, turtles, and birds. In addition to keeping these animal ... Read more about this.
  • Carolina Bay Pool Information March 28th, 2017: The pools are scheduled to open April 1st! Use of amenities are regulated by a card access system on the gate.  Magnetic access cards/fobs have been issued to owners with current accounts.  If your account is delinquent, you must bring your account current before receiving your access card for privileges to the amenity.  If your ... Read more about this.
  • Carolina Bay – Garbage/Recycling Cans Friendly Reminder March 15th, 2017:   Hello Carolina Bay Residents,   Just a quick reminder to please store garbage cans and recycling bins inside fences or garages and screen from view of streets and alleyways. Please reference Article 11, Section G of the Covenants for Carolina Bay POA. Many residents received courtesy letters regarding their trash cans last week, and while the Association ... Read more about this.
  • Warm Weather + Grubs = Moles! January 20th, 2017: Moles are out and about! What does this mean for your community? The following is an excerpt from our in-house horticulturalist, Mike Ferrazzano: Moles are and have been an ongoing problem in landscape. When temperatures drop in the fall, moles are out in full force to find as much food as possible. Now that temperatures have warmed up as ... Read more about this.
  • Carolina Bay Social Committee Member Drive January 13th, 2017: Attention Carolina Bay/Essex! We are looking for a few good neighbors! The Carolina Bay Social Committee is in need of some additional members for the committee. If you are motivated, organized and can get things done, we need you! The CBSC is holding an informal drop in for you to find out more info from the existing ... Read more about this.
  • Woof! Clean Up After Your Pet Reminder! January 11th, 2017: ATTENTION ALL PET OWNER’S!  Just a friendly reminder.  Please Pick Up After Your Pet.   It doesn’t take much to remember that we have pets in our community. In fact, if you don’t watch your step, you’re liable to step in one such reminder! ­­ Besides being unsightly and smelly, animal waste can be hazardous to the health of ... Read more about this.
  • Happy Holidays! December 22nd, 2016: Hello owners, I want to wish you all a happy holiday season! I hope you enjoy some time together with friends and family and hope there are tons of laughs and fun. Just a reminder – the CMG office will be closed on Friday, December 23rd and also on Monday, December 26th. Happy holidays, everyone! All the best, Liz Geary Read more about this.

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