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Yard/Tree/Bush Debris and Bulk Waste Disposal

City of Charleston and Carolina Waste Services collect yard debris and bulk waste in our community.Yard debris includes leaves, grass, yard clippings, small limbs/branches/stumps, large pieces of metal and nonperishable refuse.
• Leaves/yard waste must be in brown paper bags and small limbs (no larger than 4 inches in diameter and 4 feet in length) should be stacked.
Plastic bags are prohibited and will not be picked up.
• The collection trucks use a hydraulic boom with bucket so the debris must be clear of mailboxes, trees or shrubbery and placed on your property. Yard debris left on an empty lot will not be collected. Trucks are monitored by onboard cameras to ensure driver adheres to the rules.
• Pickup is on Wednesday’s. Garbage is collected on the same day but separately.

Bulk waste includes furniture, mattresses, small and large appliances, and large nonmetal items.
• Only empty, dry paint cans are considered bulk waste. There is no pickup of car batteries or tires.
• Items should be placed on your property for pick up. Waste left on an empty lot will NOT be collected and owners who place it there may be fined.
• Pickup is on Friday’s.

Refer to the city of Charleston website (Charleston-sc.gov) for additional information.

Insurance (Hurricane Season June 01 to November 30)

• Please make sure you have homeowner’s insurance (HO-6 policy) that covers the interior of your unit and your personal property inside. It is commonly known as “studs in” or “walls in” coverage.
• Your HOA maintains flood and hazard insurance with The Steadman Agency that covers the structure and common/shared elements. If desired, you may purchase additional coverage.
• Now is the time to make plans, check hurricane supplies and storm shutters, etc.
• Hurricane guides should be available soon at numerous locales.


Street parking is a continuing issue that affects safety within our community.
• Due to continued abuse, our HOA has requested additional patrols and parking enforcement by local police. Avoid a ticket or being towed by following the rules.
• Park only on the designated side of the street and only in the direction of traffic.
• Do not park on curves, near intersections or near fire hydrants.
• Parking on sidewalks and/or blocking sidewalks are also prohibited and enforceable by the police.
• Parking along the street by the pool is for users of the pool only.

Solicitors on Property

• Two signs posted at the entrance to our community state that solicitation is not allowed.
• Those individuals entering our community for the purpose of soliciting (for any reason) are violating the law. Their permits are void the moment they cross the posted line at the entrance.
• Do not engage these people. Call the police non-emergency number 843.743.7200 and request an officer respond to remove the violator from property.


• Please respect others when using the pool area and obey the posted rules.
• For your safety and protection the pool is monitored 24/7 by a closed circuit TV system
with 4 cameras.
• Fence jumping and/or opening the gate for other residents to enter without their personal key fob is a violation of HOA rules and can result in disabling of your key fob.

Call Before You Dig

• Electric, water, gas & cable should be called prior to any digging in yards. You may call Charleston County to locate these lines, see number below.
Locate Request: 811 or (888) 721-7877
Help Desk Support: 1-800-290-2783, option 1

• CMG is also to be notified so irrigation lines can be marked and avoid disruption.

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