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Manager Information and Real-Time Updates:

  • Landscape Service Delay July 20th, 2018: Due to the rain, the landscapers will not be onsite today. Many will be trying to service properties tomorrow where they can depending on the saturation of the ground. Read more about this.
  • Weekly Landscape Service July 19th, 2018: Due to the weather this week, the landscapers will be onsite Saturday to perform their normal weekly duties. Read more about this.
  • Bioswale Reminder June 04th, 2018: Reminder to all owner(s): The bioswale on Wrigley clean out is scheduled to take place on June 6th and 7th. This work will be conducted by Whackem and Stackem. CMG’s landscape director will be onsite overseeing the project. Please let me know if you have any questions. Read more about this.
  • Open Meeting Reminder May 30th, 2018: This is a friendly reminder that the HOA is having an open meeting at the Old Trolley Road Branch Library tomorrow, May 31st, 2018 at 6PM. This is a community meeting to discuss any items of concern. We look forward to seeing you there. Read more about this.
  • Open Meeting Reminder May 18th, 2018: This is just a reminder that the first Fieldview mid-year Open Homeowners Meeting is scheduled for Thursday evening, May 31st. We will be meeting at the public library on Old Trolley Road at 6:00 pm. We hope you will make plans to attend — there is no agenda, just an opportunity to meet our neighbors, ... Read more about this.
  • May 10th Board Meeting Agenda May 04th, 2018: AGENDA HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS MAY 10, 2018 110 COMISKEY PARK CIR – DUANE HONEA 6:00 pm I. Establishment of a Quorum II. Call to Order – Sarah Hanson III. Approval of Minutes for March 8, 2018 meeting IV. Reports: a. Treasurer’s Report– Kim Collins V. Old Business a. Ponds – Fountain Replacement b. Wrigley Easement – Removal of Debris and Dirt c. Pathways – Update d. Yard ... Read more about this.
  • Board Meeting Planned May 03rd, 2018: May Board Meeting on the 10th at 6PM 122 Turner Field Way. Owners are welcome to observe the meeting . Read more about this.
  • `Waste Pro April 25th, 2018: I have spoken with Kim at the Town and she indicated that Waste Pro is still contracted to pick up trash in Fieldview through August. If you are having any issues with timely pick up, you can report to the Town or let CMG know and we will pass it along to the town on ... Read more about this.
  • Spring Newsletter April 13th, 2018: Fieldview Homeowners Spring Newsletter Happy Spring! Finally! Our long, cold winter is showing signs of leaving us, and the blanket of pollen has slowed so that we can, hopefully, begin enjoying spring! As spring begins, the HOA Board wanted to update you on a few of the things that we have been working on as well as ... Read more about this.
  • Meeting April 17th April 09th, 2018: Hello Everyone,   The HOA Board is working to improve the maintenance of the HOA common areas and hope you would be willing to be a part of the discussion.   We want to meet with everyone who lives along the neighborhood pathways and so hope you will join us on Tuesday evening, April 17th, at 6:00 at ... Read more about this.
  • Pond Information April 06th, 2018: BEFORE YOU GET STARTED, EVERY RESIDENT MUST KNOW… Stormwater ponds are extremely important components of your community’s drainage system. They are designed to provide two critical services: -prevent flooding by suppressing surges of stormwater runoff that wash from lawns, buildings, and paved surfaces -protect water quality by holding water long enough for natural processes to remove sediment and ... Read more about this.
  • Hard Pruning March 29th, 2018: Advantages to hard pruning: The terms pruning and trimming are often used interchangeably,but there is a difference between the two. When you are removing the dead, loose, or infected branches or stems from its respective plant, you are pruning. Trimming, occurs when you are cutting back overgrown plants. Below are some of the many benefits from ... Read more about this.
  • Building Update March 15th, 2018: Concrete trucks will be onsite starting tomorrow for near future to start pouring concrete at last two sites on Comiskey Cirlce . Builder has made sure that the foremans know to not block driveways but there will be some inconvenience as expected with any construction. Anticipating about 120 days of building. Read more about this.
  • Quarterly Board Meeting March 05th, 2018: There will be a quarterly Board meeting on March 8th at 122 Turner Field Way. Read more about this.
  • Open Board Positions February 23rd, 2018: Hello All!   As you may have heard, Rob and Katie Arrington have sold their home on Turner Field and are due to close next week.  We are sad to lose them both, as they have been great neighbors and have truly loved Fieldview.   First, let me express how grateful we are to Rob for his service to ... Read more about this.

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