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Community Management Group is an exclusive Homeowners and Condominium Association management company.  We’re not your HOA… Really, we’re not. Our Group was founded on the principal that Association Board members are volunteers.  Our goal in working with your community Board (Do we work with yours?) is to carry their burden and free them from the day-to-day exasperation (responsibilities) of managing their Community. Don’t worry, we’ve got this!

While other companies manage Associations as sidelines to sales, leasing, vacation rentals and whatever else, based out of town and out of state, we exclusively manage Homeowners and Condominium Associations.  That’s all we do. We do it right here and nobody does it better.

This narrow focus enables us to concentrate on providing the highest level of service to every property owner, while offering professional consultation and valuable support to Board volunteers.  Our team of trained, experienced managers has a strong network in South Carolina and nationally.  We correspond to share experiences, solve clients’ problems and stay current in our field.

Excellence is not a goal – it is a requirement.  Managing Associations is NOT easy – We work hard, but we have fun.  It is always interesting and dynamic. Guarantee ya that, right there!

Community Management Group is a NINE-time winner of the prestigious Alfred P. Sloan Award for Excellence in Workplace Effectiveness and Flexibility  and the When Work Works Award from the Society for Human Resource Management. Our employment philosophy is that every member of the team at every level is important.  Each of our opinions, ideas and knowledge count!  We build in flexibility to work responsibilities in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.  We recognize that employees often spend more waking hours with their co-workers than their own families, so we foster a comfortable atmosphere with humor (yeah, you’ll want to have a sense of humor) and camaraderie and without office politics and the associated unpleasantness.  We genuinely like our co-workers.

Increases in homes managed brings with it the need for expanding our current team of 40+.  All applicants are drug screened and background checked! Employment is “at will” and conditional upon compliance with a detailed Employee Manual and company policies. We’re not interested in turnover.  Please do not apply for any position unless you are looking to stick with the team long-term. Consider these career positions within a family-centric team and not a pit-stop… Our team tenure is more than three times the national average. Read on to find out why most of us don’t burn out!

We employ managers for a portfolio of communities. What do a Coast Guard officer, fitness trainer, soldier, caterer, realtor, leasing agent, receptionist, mom, sociologist, home builder and police officer have in common? They all made a successful (and maybe not so unusual) career change! We “team manage” properties with all management staff taking ownership of owner calls, property problems and project administration.  Each manager has individual responsibilities for his/her communities and interacts directly with the Board President, while co-managing properties with other managers.  Managers are trained continually and supported by a Mentoring Manager, Covenants Enforcement staff, an in-house maintenance team, staff horticulturist, financial services specialists, affiliated attorneys, administrative and clerical staff and an accounting department. Some of them are even smarter than they look! (Have a look) We are selective in our candidates. Successful managers demonstrate top-of-class written and oral communications, superior problem-solving skills and great interpersonal skills, ability to effectively interact with people of all demographics and varied levels of niceness. Helps to have above-average working knowledge of Microsoft Office, superior organization and multi-tasking skills, a thick skin and a positive team-member attitude.   (Note: A property management license is not required. We are not engaged in “property management.” Really.)

We are actively seeking Administrative staff.  We primarily support the management team in various customer service and coordination capacities. The positions require the highest level of detail orientation and solid multitasking skills, the highest level of phone courtesy and excellent written and verbal communications skills. Expect to receive often-negative communications – Successful people “shake that off” and bring an upbeat, positive attitude with ability and willingness to work in a “team-family” atmosphere at a stupid-fast pace.

We employ qualified staff for HOA Property Inspection and data entry.  These positions share in touring a large portfolio of properties daily in our marked company vehicles and generating compliance notices through our proprietary software, while logging owner communications. The goal is rules compliance with the least amount of member anxiety and annoyance. Therefore the position requires careful observations and administration, and real telephone and e-mail contact with real people.  The highest level of courtesy is required with excellent written and verbal problem-solving skills.  This is a rules enforcement position so expect to work through often-negative communications. Successful people will have a thick skin and a non-confrontational tone, an upbeat, positive attitude with ability and willingness to help people understand their own rules and to clearly and positively explain the Associations’ reasoning for enforcement. Ultimately, you help increase property values and elevate quality of life. True!

We employ qualified staff in our Accounting Department as we continue to grow, including Accounts Payable and general bookkeeping. We use an industry-specific accounting system and a very organized, high functioning process for these positions. Preference is given to applicants with related accounting experience and who can demonstrate an understanding of fund accounting. The department is very fast paced but manageable, and the process is substantially automated and supported by technology. Laughter is often louder than the 10-key, but shhh, they’re busy. Applicants must possess good time management skills, an appreciation for deadlines and teamwork and must be seeking a long term career. We have an unusual accounting Group. Dull, inflexible and/or cantankerous people needn’t apply.

We employ qualified staff for full and part-time roving maintenance The positions require: a reliable vehicle with the capacity to haul tools and materials, tools (you’ll need basic and some specialty tools), a smartphone with internet access and GPS, familiarity with the tri-county area, a solid work ethic (Seriously. Do it right, do it quickly, do it fairly…), the ability to work independently, and verifiable references that will talk about you being solid! We provide competitive pay, a generous mileage allowance, and benefits such as health insurance, vacation and holiday pay, and a great work environment.  Prior experience preferred.  Those who seek to learn and have trade certifications may bring an advantage, but we need all skills and loyal, honest people! Don’t move slowly… Come on and let’s get started…

We employ a full-time horticultural expert And we don’t even do landscape maintenance! Experience in running commercial landscaping crews and an understanding of local plants, chemicals, ponds, mulch and pine straw will take you a LONG way! The position requires: a reliable vehicle to cover lots of miles, a smartphone, familiarity with the tri-county area, a solid work ethic, the ability to work independently and verifiable references. We provide competitive pay, mileage, and benefits such as health insurance, vacation and holiday pay, and a great work environment.

Application below, or send resume and any applicable references via e-mail or fax (yes, we still have one of those). Or just drop it by the front desk!


Verifiable personal and employment references required for all positions.  All applicants will be aptitude screened, drug tested and background checked before an employment offer will be made.  EOE Drug-free, harassment-free workplace.


Sloan Award Winners 7 Years Running!

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