Longford Place – Helpful Reminders

  • Remember that any exterior modification requires ARB approval. Application and rules and regulations can be viewed at http://cmgcharleston.com/longford-place/?lcp_page0=2#lcp_instance_0
  • Please be mindful when walking your dogs in the community. Bring a bag to pick up after your pet, and do not allow the dogs off leash.
  • Keep an eye out for alligators in the Association ponds! Please let CMG know if you suspect that an alligator is being fed or is being aggressive. DO NOT feed the alligators! This is extremely dangerous!
  • Please be reminded of the different species of wildlife that many of us are not used to. This message is not intended to cause panic but to make you aware of your surroundings. The Low Country has poisonous/venomous snakes, alligators, palmettos bugs and more. Various snakes have been noted throughout the Lowcountry. If you are bitten by a snake call 911 immediately. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources has an abundance of information specifically on snakes. For more information visit http://www.dnr.sc.gov/wildlife/snakes/index.html
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