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  • Meridian – Landscaping Item June 08th, 2018: Please be advised that there has been a report that a tree had gone down in the area by the pond near Blaze lane. There is a “Doggie” station by the walking trail and just behind the “Doggie” station is a tree that has come partially down. We have had our Landscaping Director ... Read more about this.
  • Meridian Minutes April 03rd, 2018: I hope everyone was able to spend this past holiday weekend with your family and loved ones! The approved meeting minutes from March’s Board meeting can be found on the CMG website. Don’t forget to take a look at your property to make sure everything is being maintained as it should be. Consider pressure washing ... Read more about this.
  • Meridian Minutes and Information March 06th, 2018:   The approved meeting minutes from February’s Board meeting can be found on the the CMG website.   Sealcoating on the trails is going to be done from today, Monday the 5th, through the end of the week. Please stay off of ALL trails during this time! Please help spread the word to tenants and anyone you may ... Read more about this.
  • Did You Know…? February 06th, 2018: Owners, Did you know that the storm water drains throughout the community connects to ponds, rivers, and estuaries? The purpose of the ponds in the community is to help to filter pollutants caused by water runoff, but it is important not to add to the problem! Please help our ponds by keeping grass clippings, litter, and ... Read more about this.
  • More Helpful Winter Weather Tips! January 05th, 2018: Homeowners, Welcome to Snow Day Part Three! Many of us are not used to this weather. It was brought to my attention that a reminder about protecting yourself against falls on sidewalks, etc would be beneficial. Please review these and be careful under our weather warms up. A high percentage of these occur in parking lots.  Obviously, during ... Read more about this.
  • Winter Weather Tips! January 02nd, 2018: Hello owners, The forecast is calling for extreme winter weather in our area. When colder weather approaches, it is very important to take steps to prepare your home. Below are a list of tips which may assist you in preparing for the cold temperatures: Kitchen and bathroom cabinets can keep warm inside air from reaching pipes under sinks ... Read more about this.

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