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The Pines at Charleston Park Annual Meeting 2016





This is not a Ballot



THE UNDERSIGNED OWNER IN THE PINES AT CHARLESTON PARK HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION does hereby constitute this proxy to be used for quorum purposes and to vote for the Board of Directors.  Unless otherwise designated, I express my permission to

allow ____________________________ or if left blank, the President of the Association as my proxy to act on my behalf at the Annual Meeting on January 21st, 2017 discretion regarding election of Board members and other items on the Agenda and may lawfully come before the Association membership at this meeting.  This proxy may be used for establishment of a quorum.


This proxy is revocable by filing a subsequent proxy form, or by my presence at the meeting.  The proxy automatically terminates after the meeting or any adjournments thereof.






The undersigned has/have executed this proxy on _______________________, 2017.


Property Address:_________________________________________________________



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