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Hello Community!

Here is a quick update on a few items. Everything in the community is looking good and growing. With the warmer weather a lot of folks will start mowing, edging, trimming, and normal spring upkeep. If you use chemicals to help keep weeds or insects down please be safe and cautious. Pine Straw will be added to the community over the next two weeks. If you noticed an area that may have been accidentally missed please feel free to shoot CMG an email at supportteam@nullcmgcharleston.com.

The community sign on Dorchester and Trump will be completed this weekend. The construction will being next week to return it to its original state. A big thanks to the Preserves, Pines, and Villas for helping make it possible. Hopefully by the end of the week next week it will be back to normal.

The Quarterly Board Meeting will be held on the Starbucks on Dorchester Road on the 17th at 6:30 pm. This will be a quick meeting about the sign again and to have an open discussion about the next few months in the community. This is a closed discussion but if you would like to attend and listen you are welcome.

Once again thank you to everyone for making Charleston Park a great place to live.

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