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Pool Keys- New home buyers are sent one key/access device by Spring Grove Plantation HOA. Resale pool keys and cards must convey at Closing. If any card is lost or stolen, a replacement is available for $50.00 payable to Spring Grove Plantation. Please follow this link to order a replacement amenity key. Please note that only one key is permitted to be activated per household.

Spring Grove Pool Season

Spring Grove Plantation Governing Documents and 2008 Rules
Spring Grove ARC Request
Guidelines for Community Living & ARC Guidelines
Spring Grove Reservation Agreement
Spring Grove Pool Rules

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Community Calendar

Manager Information and Real-Time Updates:

  • Ponds within Spring Grove Plantation – Not for Recreational Use April 10th, 2018: Attention Spring Grove Plantation Residents: The Association would like to take a moment to remind all residents that ponds within the community are not open to recreational use per Article II, Section 24 of the governing documents for your Association. The ponds are an integral part of the stormwater management system for your community that are monitored by ... Read more about this.
  • Stormwater Ponds – Important Information Everyone Must Know… April 05th, 2018: Stormwater ponds are extremely important components of your community’s drainage system. They are designed to provide two critical services: -prevent flooding by suppressing surges of stormwater runoff that wash from lawns, buildings, and paved surfaces. -protect water quality by holding water long enough for natural processes to remove sediment and some pollutants from the water before it ... Read more about this.
  • Canadian Geese March 29th, 2018: Canadian Geese are a federally protected migratory birds regulated by the USFWS (US Fish and Wildlife Service). As a managed migratory bird, there are specific regulations that must be adhered to when dealing with them.  SCDNR recommends contacting a DNR licensed nuisance wildlife removal technician to help with any goose problem there might be.  Residents should be ... Read more about this.
  • Spring Landscaping & Pruning March 28th, 2018: Spring has “sprung” and landscapers are in full swing mowing, trimming and pruning now that the growing season is upon us. A lot of pruning is occurring and it will, at times, appear to be an eyesore. Below are 5 main benefits to help explain why pruning and hard pruning are imperative in effort to sustain the ... Read more about this.
  • Unauthorized Commercial Vehicles Parked at Amenity Center February 28th, 2018: Attention Spring Grove Plantation Residents: The Association would like to take a moment to remind all residents that commercial vehicles are not permitted to be parked within the community – including at the amenity center. Harold’s Towing will be posting towing signage at the amenity center parking lot within the next few days. Please be aware that ... Read more about this.
  • Important Community Notice February 16th, 2018: Attention Spring Grove Plantation Residents: Several residents have reported that school bus stop areas within Spring Grove Plantation are becoming hazardous due to vehicles blocking the street while waiting for the bus to arrive.  The Association would like to take a moment to remind all residents that the streets within your community are city streets and residents must ... Read more about this.
  • Colony Post Loop Paving Repairs To Be Completed by Berkeley County Roads and Bridges February 12th, 2018: Attention Spring Grove Plantation Residents: Berkeley County Roads and Bridges has advised overlay paving is scheduled to begin next week to repair damaged road areas along Colony Post Loop caused by January’s snow storm. If you have additional concerns regarding road repairs in this area, please contact Berkeley County Roads and Bridges at (843) 719-4129. Thank you! Read more about this.
  • Coffee with a Cop – Town of Moncks Corner February 07th, 2018: From: Sara Anderson Sent: Wednesday, February 07, 2018 3:57 PM Subject: Coffee with a Cop Good afternoon! The Moncks Corner Police Department would like to extend an invitation to all communities in the area to join them at the Moncks Corner Train Depot for Coffee with a Cop February 13 from 7-9am!  This community outreach event eliminates barriers between ... Read more about this.
  • Developer Updates at Spring Grove Plantation February 06th, 2018: Good Afternoon Spring Grove Plantation Residents! The following are updates regarding recent improvements within your community: Connecting Colony Post Loop: The connection on Colony Post Loop is being addressed with Berkeley County. The Developer has advised they hope to have the barricade removed and the connection finalized within the next few weeks. New Dog Park: Remaining material has been ordered to ... Read more about this.
  • Reminder to help prevent slip and falls on sidewalks and concrete during winter weather January 05th, 2018: Many of us are not used to this weather. It was brought to my attention that a reminder about protecting yourself against falls on sidewalks, etc would be beneficial. These are tips found on the internet (which is all truthful-LOL) Please review these and be careful under our weather warms up. A high percentage of these occur ... Read more about this.
  • How to Deal with Frozen Pipes January 02nd, 2018: Disconnect and drain garden hoses. Cover outside faucets with insulating foam covers. Turn off water to outside faucets, if available, and open valves on faucets to allow them to drain. Turn off sprinkler system and blow compressed air through the lines to drain them. Close or cover foundation vents under house and windows to basements. Close garage doors. Insulate exposed pipes ... Read more about this.
  • Spring Grove Storage Facility – Access Code to be Changed October 13th, 2017: Attention Spring Grove Storage Facility Tenants: The access code for the storage lot facility will soon be changed due to recent vandalism and reports of theft. Storage inventory is currently being audited with lease records on file. Please complete and return the attached Storage Facility Owner Registration Form in order to update current inventory records and contact information ... Read more about this.
  • 2017 Swim Season Ends Saturday, September 30th – Spring Grove September 29th, 2017: Attention Spring Grove Residents: The 2017 swim season will come to a close on Saturday, September 30th. The pool will be closed as of Sunday, October 1st. US Aquatic Services will be onsite to begin winterizing the pool facility and storing pool furniture. It is important that residents do not enter the pool once it has ... Read more about this.
  • Spring Grove – Pool is Open September 13th, 2017: Attention Spring Grove Residents: The pool is now open and ready for swimming. Have a wonderful afternoon! Read more about this.
  • Spring Grove Plantation Amenity Center/Pool Remains Closed September 12th, 2017: Attention Spring Grove Plantation Residents: The Spring Grove Plantation Amenity Center/Pool will remain closed until all debris has been cleared and water chemistry is balanced per required DHEC pool guidelines. Residents SHOULD NOT enter the pool as chemicals in the water are currently elevated due to treatments applied after the storm. Pump operations have been restored and shock applications have been applied to ... Read more about this.

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Please note that some documents were downloaded from the County and were current as of the date they were downloaded. They have been scanned via Optical Character Recognition. They are not certified as complete, and they and ARE NOT THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS. Please consult your closing attorney or the County directly for the most current, accurate complete and legal information.


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