Summer Newsletter and Pool Rules 2018


White Gables Newsletter #1 June 2018

A word from the President

Hello Neighbors, let me start by introducing myself, my name is Chris White and as most of you know, I recently accepted the President’s position with the HOA. I moved into White Gables in 2013 with my wife, Stephanie and our son Carson who is turning 3 years old. I have been in law enforcement for nearly 10 years, first in North Carolina, and now in South Carolina. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and am currently working on my MBA. This position allows me to be about you and community unity. White Gables is a wonderful community and will continue to grow and prosper. There is a lot of maintenance and improvements to come and I look forward to working with volunteers from the community, alongside the Board, to make this happen. Without the help and support from the community, none of what we do is possible. There are varying expertise and experience throughout our wonderful association members. That is the beauty of a community like ours. Seeing the fruits of your labor should make everyone proud to call White Gables HOME.

I hope you all will take the time to attend a Board meeting. This will give you a chance to meet any members you do not know, and see what is happening and in the works. Your opinions matter, so please tell us what you think and any ideas you have. I truly believe the entire community has a voice, not just those of us on the Board. We will strive to better the community as a whole, one project at a time. There are a number of committees in the neighborhood that work tirelessly to make OUR neighborhood beautiful. The committee efforts do a number of things: market our homes, increase sales, maintain/increase property value, provide entertainment, etc.; the list goes on.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the members of the community, the committee members, ARB members and the Board for the work they put in on a daily basis. It is a team effort and we are a very large team. I look forward to continuing the bond we have already started and watch it grow into a great future for White Gables.

Sincerely, Christopher White

White Gables Homeowners Association Board statement


We envision White Gables as a community of unity to achieve a higher quality of life and increasing property values. We envision a neighborhood that is viewed by residents and non-residents as a desirable place to live and enjoy family, friends and community.


Our mission is to improve quality of life within the neighborhood, through management of common areas, enforcement of rules and covenants and investment in capital improvements beneficial to the greater good of the community.


In all our activities to achieve our vision and mission we value integrity, fairness, consistent firmness and common sense, community participation, respect, cooperation and sense of responsibility and community .

Repairs and improvements – past present future

We are constantly working on maintaining and improving the community. Some recent repairs and improvements that have been completed include: new pool furniture, repairs to pool shower as well as the irrigation pump at the entrance of the neighborhood. We are in the process of updating and repairing the lightning at the entrance in at the neighborhood, at the oak tree in the new development in the back of the neighborhood, as well as the mailboxes at the end of Amaryllis. The board is also compiling bids to address the surface of the tennis court.

We are always open to ideas on how to further improve our neighborhood that we all love so much. If you have any suggestions, please reach out to me, Jess Hill, at

Changing Times

White Gables has had a homeowner board for just three years out of its 15 year existence. During the first ten years or less, there were about 300 homes and just one builder. Then we started expanding; we are double the size and the median age has probably dropped by 20 years. Since we have more people but not more amenities, there are a few more conflicts. The current board is doing its best to cope with aging infrastructure, and more people with different lifestyles, attitudes and expectations. In particular we want the neighborhood to be a safe, secure yet friendly place to live. The board’s function is to be fiduciaries, to enforce the covenants and bylaws, and to maintain the property. In order to do so, the board does need help. Luckily we have a committed board, and two very active committees to contribute to the welfare of all. To make our neighborhood the kind of place you were looking for, everyone needs to contribute. First of all, if everyone paid their assessments timely, we’d have the funds necessary to maintain the property, make repairs and improvements and possibly add amenities. Secondly, attend meetings, find out what is happening, read your emails and snail mails. Thirdly, if at all possible, volunteer whatever time and talent you have. The social committee needs volunteers for their activities and the amenities committee needs members to preserve and improve our property. The beautification committee needs members and helpers. Imagine what 1200 (plus or minus) neighbors can do together. Things have changed and will continue to change but the direction of that will be determined by you the residents. This is your neighborhood.


There are many people to thank all the time for their efforts on behalf of our community. A few neighbors deserve special mention: Mark Richeson, Rob Dahlman and Joe Massimilla for pool umbrella repairs; Steve Poirer and Kevin Schlee for painting all the posts and railings at the clubhouse; Kendra Baughman for her amazing efforts on Craigslist to sell our old pool furniture; Melissa Gibbs for her wonderful story time for the “tiny tots”; Rob Dahlman for putting up the Memorial Day sign near the front entrance – look for it on the Fourth of July too! There are many many more and we apologize if we forgot someone but the board truly appreciates everyone’s input. Thanks

Social Committee update

The social committee has always worked hard to plan awesome events to bring the community together. Some of our past events are Cookies with Santa, golf cart parades, adult socials and our famous pool parties. One of the new events this year was the Our Mom and Me Tea Party held on Mother’s Day weekend. Upcoming are the Father’s Day BBQ, Fourth of July celebration a teen dance. This is just to name a few; we have so much more in store for this community. We would like to thank Super Solution for the sponsorship of our events, our vendors and all who have contributed to these events to help make them successful. Last but not least a big thank you to our community for all your help and support. We have a great team of ladies and I, Audra Tarzia (chairman), could not do this without them. Please join the White Gable Events and Activities page on Facebook so you don’t miss out on all the fun.

Amenities Committee update

I, Conni McAnnar (chairman), would like to thank all the members of the amenities committee for their hard work. It has been a challenging 2018; our main concerns are getting our current amenities up to par. We have purchased new tables and a few chairs for the clubhouse. We will have acoustic panels on the windows in the next few weeks. Then, we will work on panels for the corners of the room. The wall above the fireplace has been patched and will soon be painted.

Thanks to the board we have new pool furniture. The new pool rules should be up at the pool the first week in June and are attached to this newsletter. Please be sure to read them and follow them. It is important that we all follow the rules to make the pool a safe and enjoyable place for all. The board is getting bids to repair the sinkhole near the pool.

Other things that neighbors have voiced interest in are a dog park, more boat storage, repair of the tennis courts, moving the basketball court, repair to the walking trail and additional playground equipment for the little ones. We and the board have to work within the budget and try to decide what needs to be on the top of the list. Please be patient, some things will not be feasible, but others will be projects for the future.

Beautification Committee update

This committee is just starting to get off the ground. The first project will be to beautify the front entrance. I know, I know, it is already beautiful but the board felt this would be a good time for our neighborhood to take this on, instead of paying extra to the landscapers, since it is not in the contract. Besides, we have such lovely gardens and such capable gardeners, we want to utilize the talent and expertise amongst our neighbors. Perennial and native plants will be a focus of this group. If you are interested please contact secretary.whitegablehoa.

Home of Hope

White Gables has been such a boon to the men’s shelter on Central Avenue – Home of Hope. Since February 2017 we have been preparing dinner for them; we started at once a month and now we are providing dinners twice a month. They are so appreciative of our efforts and they love our cooking! Please consider joining in this endeavor by joining the Facebook page White Gables Works. As summer is a busy time for all, we are doing something a little different. We are collecting cash donations to cover the entrees for June, July and August. If everyone interested gave just a few dollars we could buy Publix fried chicken (their favorite meal) or the ingredients for the entrees, or large pan foods from Costco to take the burden off our volunteers a bit. We will still need drinks and desserts but the “big things” will be provided through your donations. The drop off points for your contributions are Goodfellow’s at 301 Foxglove, McAnnar’s at 308 White Gables Drive and Garfinkle’s at 317 Hydrangea. This is a wonderful thing that we do to help these men get back on their feet. Thanks.

About parking

Per the covenants, no commercial vehicles are permitted on the streets, in the parking lots, or in any lot. There has been a towing contract in place for over a year but it has not been active. The current plan is On The Way towing will be patrolling at night, noting those vehicles parked in violation of the covenants. A sticker will be placed on the vehicle warning them not to park there. That is warning one. There will be a second sticker, second warning for that vehicle if it is still not properly parked when they patrol again the next night. If on the third patrol the truck is still parked against the covenants, it will be towed. Three strikes and you are out.

We also ask that everyone be mindful of parking cars in the bump-outs only and be considerate of your neighbors. All of our streets should have room for cars and emergency vehicles to get through at all times.

The pool

The pool season is in full swing and conflicts have arose from the very first week! While the majority of neighbors just want to enjoy the pool, with the size of this property, rules are necessary and have been in place since the beginning. Most of these rules are DHEC mandated. Remembering some behavior from years past, the amenities committee devoted much time to discuss the existing rules and possible modifications. They forwarded a proposal to the board and it was again discussed and modified. The current rules are a product of everyone’s concern for the safety and enjoyment for all. The board is charged with the welfare and benefit of everyone who uses White Gables amenities. All changes were debated and based on experience and information available. We eliminated allowing those under 18 to bring in guests and expect those over 18 to adhere to the rule of only four guests. And please remember that if a homeowner is not in good standing, their pool privileges are suspended and their fob will not be activated. Be a good neighbor and steward of our resources and don’t assist others to violate our by-laws. Please see the pool rules attached. Everyone of every age who lives in the neighborhood is entitled to enjoy the pool.

This newsletter

Some of you may remember the old Porch Rocker News. We aspire to that type of newsletter and will certainly try for that next time with pictures, interviews, information etc. If you have an interest in working on this, hopefully to be distributed by next fall, please contact this editor – secretary.wghoa. Meanwhile I hope you enjoy this information and everyone have a wonderful summer!!


President, Chris White – president.wghoa

Vice President – Jess Hill – vp.wghoa

Secretary – Lyn Garfinkle – secretary.wghoa

Treasurer – Amee Dutko – treasurer1.wghoa

Community Involvement Director – Melissa Olin –

Amenities Committee Chairman – Conni McAnnar –

Social Committee Chairman – Audra Tarzia – Audra.Gilberti

ARB questions – ARBquestions.whitegableshoa

White Gables

Pool Rules

Any violation of these rules may result in fines and/or suspension of pool privileges. Residents assume responsibility for the conduct of themselves, their children and their guests, at all times, including financial responsibility for any damage to facilities or equipment.

1. DHEC regulations: pool is open from sunrise to sunset, closes at 9pm at the latest; maximum number of swimmers allowed in the main pool is 230, 45 for the kiddie pool; young children have priority use of the kiddie pool; all persons should shower before entering the pool.

2. First Aid: kit located on the pump house wall; emergency phone located at the clubhouse.

3. Pool fob: everyone must use their own fob; it is required at all times for use of pool, DO NOT OPEN THE GATES FOR ANYONE who doesn‘t have a working fob. Homeowners must be in good standing for their fob to be activated.

4. Guests: Residents age 18 and older are allowed to bring in 4 (four) guests but may not bring in another resident as a guest.

5. No children under the age of 14 allowed without adult supervision.

6. Skateboards, scooters, bikes, inline skates, footballs, basketballs or soccer balls within the fenced area around the pool or on the deck or stairs are NOT allowed. ONLY POOL TOYS are allowed.

7. The following behaviors are not allowed at the pool:

running, rough or boisterous play;


disturbing other pool users with rudeness or foul language;

spitting, blowing nose or urinating in the pool;

having glass in the pool area;

smoking anywhere in the pool area or deck;

solo swimming;

being under the impairment of drugs or alcohol.

8. Pool furniture is on a first come first serve basis; proper swim attire is mandatory; infants and young children must wear swimmies or plastic pants.

9. Persons with diarrhea, nausea, open wounds/lesions, skin, eye, ear or respiratory infections are not allowed in the pool.

10. Service animals ONLY allowed in pool area.

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