“Community Management Group was founded on the principal that Association Board members are volunteers. Our goal in working with you is to carry your burden and free you from the day-to-day responsibilities of managing your Community.”
-Steve Peck
Director of Community Management

Know what you’re getting yourself into…

Approach a “tough nut to crack” with the right tools

Excellence in community governance is a deviation from the norm. The best leaders do the things others do not want to do… and do it because it is right and because it brings enormous internal satisfaction.

Community Management Group embraces excellence as our core value. We have earned the highest credential available in our industry.

Roving Maintenance Options: “It is hard to get good help!” We know the difficulty in finding quality, reliable outside contractors for small and large jobs, so we built our own maintenance team and extend this option to our clients. Our four roving maintenance techs are tested and screened with great care. They are trained, licensed, insured, bonded and well cared-for by CMG. They like their jobs. They know our business and abide by our mission to provide innovative solutions for enhancement of property values. From changing a bulb to amenity renovations, our maintenance team can help – and at comparatively low hourly rates.

Quality, Readable Financials: Our in-house accounting staff generates monthly financial statements sent to each Board member which include ledgers of all invoices paid, delinquency reports, with monthly and year-to-date details. Operating and Reserve accounts are accounted for separately and held in separate accounts. Vendor checks are written from your accounts and your funds are never commingled with other communities’ funds in the process. Information down to each receipt and check paid are available. We send color-tabulated reports electronically in a universal PDF® format via e-mail and can mail paper copies upon request.

Professional Management: As well as our own certification, we employ qualified, experienced managers, with or working to attain their Community Association Institute (CAI) credentials of CMCA, AMS, PCAM and other professional certifications. Our President serves on the CAI-SC Board of Directors. We have a strong network in South Carolina and nationally and correspond to share experiences, solve clients’ problems and stay current in this field. All we do is manage Communities.

Management leadership: You have access to seasoned, credentialed professionals at every level of our organization. CMG staff have more than 100 years collective experience in community management. We are a local company managing more than 100 communities in our area.

Well-Equipped Managers: Managers have digital cameras and phones and wireless notebook computers. These combined with our remote, real-time accounting and Covenants Enforcement software bring managers and homeowners quick and accurate account and association information. Keyword-searchable Covenants and documents make answers instantly available to members.

Best in the business communication: Communication is everything. We bring the right attitude and we are reachable! When we’re out at your community, we’re still connected. We respond to all normal messages from owners and vendors within 24 hours. And of course we are reachable 24/7. Our office has remote-accessible voice mail and caller ID for the times when we are out on your property. We are all available via live internet chat, instant message, fax, phone, e-mail and voice mail. We respect – we reply.

Customized Web pages: Did we say communication is everything? We develop a custom web page for every community at no charge and can provide secured, multi-page sites with live amenity and event calendars, forms, documents, communications options, member forums and every imaginable option. We leverage every tool available to keep communications simple.

The Team is committed to minimizing our footprint and embracing our environment at every opportunity. We have established internal best green practices to ensure that we impact our world as minimally and in as positive a way as possible. We have implemented strategies including minimizing waste, recycling what we can, maintaining temperature controls and use of Energy-Star Certified equipment.

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