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Pool keys – New home buyers are sent one key/access device by the Tupelo HOA. Resale pool keys and cards must convey at Closing.  If any card is lost or stolen, a replacement is available for $50.00 payable to Tupelo HOA. Please follow this link to order a replacement amenity key.

Tupelo Pool Season Efited 4/5

Tupelo Covenants and ByLaws
Tupelo 1st Amendment to the Declaration
Tupelo 2nd Amendment to the Declaration
Tupelo 3rd Amendment to the Declaration
Tupelo 4th Amendment to the Declaration
Tupelo 5th Amendment to the Declaration

Tupelo Plantation ARC Request Form
Tupelo Fence Guidelines
Tupelo Approved Semi-transparent Stain Color Chart for Fences
Tupelo Fence Details
 Phase 1 Fence Plan
 Phase 2 Fence Plan
 Phase 3 Fence Plan
 Phase 4 Fence Plan
 Phase 5 Fence Plan
Tupelo Row Fence Plan
Tupelo Easement Disclaimer
Tupelo Pool Rules
Town of Mt. Pleasant Laws & Ordinances Regarding Pets
Tupelo HOA Pool Card Registration Form

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Manager Information and Real-Time Updates:

  • Tupelo Landscaping Updates per New Leaf September 19th, 2017: Good Afternoon Tupelo Residents! New Leaf Landscape Construction has provided the following updates regarding landscape improvements at Tupelo: Grading and Hydroseed New Leaf crews initiated the process today along Tupelo Branch Row and will continue with all of the remaining grading and tilling this week. Hydroseed applications are scheduled to take place either the latter part of this week or early ... Read more about this.
  • Tupelo – Pool is Open September 13th, 2017: Attention Tupelo Residents: The pool is now open and ready for swimming. Have a wonderful afternoon! Read more about this.
  • Tupelo Amenity Center/Pool Remains Closed September 12th, 2017: Attention Tupelo Residents: The Tupelo Amenity Center/Pool will remain closed until all debris has been cleared and water chemistry is balanced per required DHEC pool guidelines. Residents SHOULD NOT enter the pool as chemicals in the water are currently elevated due to treatments applied after the storm. US Aquatics is monitoring water chemistry and will relocate stored pool furniture to the deck. ... Read more about this.
  • Hurricane Irma – Pool Closing Friday Morning September 07th, 2017: Attention Tupelo Residents: The Amenity Center and pool will be closed as of Friday morning in anticipation of Hurricane Irma. The pool vendor will be onsite to secure pool furniture, shut off breakers/equipment and secure all gates. The facility will remain closed until at least Wednesday of next week and will be reopened once all storm cleanup has ... Read more about this.
  • Hurricane Irma September 06th, 2017: With the anticipation of Irma possibly visiting the Low Country, the Association wanted to mention a few items to keep in mind – hopefully these measures will not be needed. It will be important for all residents to secure all outside items on the decks, porches, patios, yards, etc.  Unsecured items can become flying missiles causing ... Read more about this.
  • How to Be Safe Around Alligators August 25th, 2017: Alligators are indigenous to South Carolina, their presence in the Lowcountry is constant – even when not seen basking in the sun on pond banks within your community.  Although alligators are no longer listed as a federally endangered species, their status has been upgraded to threatened due to its similarity of appearance to the threatened ... Read more about this.
  • Summertime Creepy Critters July 18th, 2017: courtesy of News 2 : http://counton2.com/2017/07/10/summertime-creepy-critters Alligators South Carolina Aquarium Herpetologist Josh Zalabak says, “Alligators are extremely important to their environment. They are an apex predator, so if you removed them from our ecosystem, it would throw the entire food chain out of whack.” Their prime food sources include raccoons, turtles, and birds. In addition to keeping these animal ... Read more about this.
  • New Landscaper To Begin Servicing Tupelo July 07th, 2017: Good Morning Tupelo Residents, The Developer has confirmed New Leaf Landscape Construction has been contracted as the new landscaper at Tupelo to replace Yard Art.  Crews will be onsite to begin service tomorrow morning due to the short holiday week in observance of Independence Day.  Saturday will not be their normal scheduled work day each week ... Read more about this.
  • Stormwater Pond Problem Solving July 06th, 2017: BEFORE GETTING STARTED, EVERY RESIDENT MUST KNOW… Stormwater ponds are extremely important components of your community’s drainage system. They are designed to provide two critical services:prevent flooding by suppressing surges of stormwater runoff that wash from lawns, buildings, and paved surfaces protect water quality by holding water long enough for natural processes to remove sediment and some pollutants ... Read more about this.
  • Fishkill update June 29th, 2017: Biologists with Lake Doctors were back onsite last Friday morning and confirmed treatments were applied and had settled in the water properly. The stormwater pond located near the amenity center is long, narrow, shallow and subject to full sun exposure throughout most of the day. These issues are contributing factors regarding excess algae accumulations. When ... Read more about this.
  • Possible Fishkill Reported in Stormwater Retention Ponds at Tupelo June 22nd, 2017: Good Afternoon Tupelo Residents, Biologists with Lake Doctors began treating excess algae this morning seen in several stormwater retention ponds throughout the community. The Association was made aware of a possible fishkill in the ponds near the amenity center after treatments were administered. Lake Doctors has advised that chemical treatments can often affect PH levels in the ... Read more about this.
  • Pool Closed Thursday for Extensive Cleaning June 15th, 2017: Good Morning Tupelo Residents! US Aquatics has advised they will be closing the pool this morning to begin extensive cleaning. Shock treatment will be applied to the water today and technicians will return in the morning to complete inline vacuuming and also backwash the filtration system.  The pool gates will be locked in order to prevent ... Read more about this.
  • Tupelo Pool Closed for Extensive Cleaning June 07th, 2017: Good Morning Tupelo Residents: US Aquatics has advised the pool will be closed today to begin extensive cleaning. The pool will be shocked today and technicians will return on Thursday to brush the pool walls and floor, vacuum the pool and add fresh water prior to reopening. In effort to maintain a safe and healthy pool, residents ... Read more about this.
  • Tupelo Community Updates June 05th, 2017: Good Afternoon Tupelo Residents! The Association would like to take a moment to share important updates regarding recent and upcoming vendor changes to improve routine maintenance services for common areas throughout the community. US Aquatic Services recently replaced Lowcountry Aquatics as the licensed pool operator for Tupelo as of May 1st. Please note that there have been recent incidents of ... Read more about this.
  • Pool Closed Due to Fecal Incident June 01st, 2017: The pool at Tupelo has been temporarily closed due to a reported fecal incident.  Please ensure infants and children that are not fully toilet trained wear appropriate swim type diapers at all times while inside the pool area to help further avoid this issue. Per DHEC regulations, the pool must remain closed for a minimum of 24 hours.  Residents should contact the ... Read more about this.

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