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Wappoo Landing Master Deed & By Laws
Wappoo Landing Rules and Regulations

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Manager Information and Real-Time Updates:

  • CMG Supportteam <> September 07th, 2017: Who Should Evacuate? People living in low lying areas of South Carolina’s coastal counties, as well as anyone living in a mobile home in any of the coastal counties, are required to evacuate for all hurricanes, regardless of the category. Other areas will be required to evacuate when category 4 or 5 storms threaten their areas. ... Read more about this.
  • Summertime Creepy Critters July 18th, 2017: courtesy of News 2 : Alligators South Carolina Aquarium Herpetologist Josh Zalabak says, “Alligators are extremely important to their environment. They are an apex predator, so if you removed them from our ecosystem, it would throw the entire food chain out of whack.” Their prime food sources include raccoons, turtles, and birds. In addition to keeping these animal ... Read more about this.
  • Wappoo Landing Building Painting – Phase 2/Pressure Washing May 24th, 2017: Good afternoon Wappoo Landing residents, Please note that there is a change in price to have Superior View clean the interior of the screened porches. Superior View will wash the enclosed screen porch for an additional $150 to be paid by the homeowner directly to Superior View. Please call their office at 216-7522 to schedule this. ... Read more about this.
  • Phone numbers to know when Hurricane Matthew strikes October 06th, 2016: courtesy of The Post & Courier Add these numbers to your phone contacts because they may come in handy when Hurricane Matthew drenches the Lowcountry. The S.C. Emergency Management Department recommends fully charging your cell phone and other mobile devices before the hurricane approaches and to limit non-essential calls. And remember, call 911 only for ... Read more about this.
  • No Soliciting April 20th, 2015: The City of Charleston posted an article that is relevant to all municipalities. They note that residents are reminded to be aware of door-to-door sales people, particularly “magazine sales”. Usually the concerns about these individuals are property / financial-crime related. This is an active article and will be updated continually with local information, by municipality… Tips: 1. Post a NO ... Read more about this.
  • Natural Mosquito Control – Horticulturist News March 20th, 2015: The CMG Horticulturist shared some valuable information with us that is helpful to all who live in the Lowcountry and deal with pesky mosquitos! Put any of the following plants in your garden or on your patio this summer- mosquitos absolutely hate them! Lemon Thyme Lavender Lemon Balm Basil Lemongrass Catnip Rosemary Garlic Marigolds   I hope this information helps in even a small way to make ... Read more about this.
  • 2015 Assessment Reminder January 14th, 2015: Hello Wappoo Landing residents, Hope your New Year is off to a great start. Please remember, your January monthly assessment was due on January 1, 2015. The monthly Assessment is considered late after January 15, 2015. Just as a reminder, you can pay your HOA assessment in several ways: 1) Detach the bottom portion of your statement and mail ... Read more about this.
  • Merry Christmas to You All! December 23rd, 2014: Community Management Group on behalf of the Board of Directors would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season. 2014 was another successful year for the Association as we were able to continue to improve our community. We would like to thank the Board of Directors for all their continuous efforts in making community a ... Read more about this.
  • Annual Meeting April 04th, 2014: The Annual Meeting will be on April 23rd, 6PM at the Crab House. I am Terry Williams, your new Community Manager.  I look forward to meeting you there. Read more about this.
  • Wappoo Landing Landscaping Schedule February 11th, 2014: Please note that starting February 17th, 2014, the Greenery will be on-site on Thursdays.  As Chad Stilley was promoted, Kyle Morton will be the supervisor for the Wappoo Landing landscaping team.  Please contact with questions and concerns. Thank you. Read more about this.
  • Tree Work and other Exterior Maintenance August 30th, 2013: Good Afternoon Wappoo Landing, Your Association is currently getting estimates for an annual tree trimming, which will be immediately followed by the annual application of pine straw.  When the tree trimming does get underway, Community Management Group will send out notice of the dates due to excessive noise from the equipment.  The Association would also like ... Read more about this.

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Please note that some documents were downloaded from the County and were current as of the date they were downloaded.  They have been scanned via Optical Character Recognition.  They are not certified as complete, and they and ARE NOT THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS.  Please consult your closing attorney or the County directly for the most current, accurate complete and legal information.


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